The most important aspect of any job is the preparation work required prior to installing the overlay. Without the proper
preparation, the surface will fail and de-lamination will result. About 25% of the calls we receive are to repair someone else's
work who failed. In 90% of those cases the cause is improper preparation.

Correct preparation takes anywhere from 30% to 60% of the effort required for completing the entire job.

As a consumer, it is important that you select a contractor who not only installs a beautiful product, but also takes all the
necessary steps to a quality, long lasting finished product.
This application is one of the most popular applications of decorative concrete. Until now, to obtain the look and feel of stone, slate and various
tile in a concrete surface, you needed to pour a new concrete slab and then stamp the freshly poured concrete with embossing tools. Although
this may be the ideal application for new concrete pours, but what about concrete surfaces that are already existing? Thin stamped overlays are
the answer. Imagine being able to apply a 1/4" to 3/8" layer of polymer cement over an existing concrete surface (new pour or old deteriorated
slab) then stamping the thin layered polymer cement material to give the permanent and realistic look of stone, slate and tile  just like
conventional stamped concrete. With decreased costs, and increased versatility, why would anyone want to stamp conventional concrete or
even real stone and slate again?
These applications are alternatives to thin stamped overlays, lacking the authenticity and overall depth. However, trowel down slate finishes
create a textured decorative finish that rivals the look of conventional slate or travertine at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.
These applications may include extremely smooth or moderately textured finishes in virtually limitless color and design combination.
Commercial grade sealer systems may be required to ensure high traffic wearability. These applications are widely used in casinos,
shopping malls, offices, hotel lobbies, retail stores, residential floors and anywhere in place of conventional tile, terrazzo, quarry, etc.
This is an application most concrete contractors would like to believe is possible, yet still have a high level of pessimism towards the
success and long term durability of the application. The basis behind the application is to repair/restore/resurface pitted, flaked, deteriorated
or poorly finished concrete that would otherwise need torn out and replaced. Normal applications are applied 1/32" to 1/4" thick with thicker
applications being optional if needed. Finished applications look as if new concrete was poured, yet offer increased levels of performance
including: resistance to chemicals, salt, petrochemicals, UV, water resistance and more. Because of the inexpensive cost of this application,
it is becoming the standard for surface repair.
Epoxy applications are a monotone color application of a 2 component polymer resin that provides a superior surface for traffic, better
adhesion to concrete floors and an overall durability that is unmatched. Epoxy coatings are typically applied in Garages, and Industrial
Floorings, because they are relatively inexpensive, non-porous, do not stain, and have a very high durability.
Full depth concrete stamping is ideal for new construction. It is economical and the fastest way to get a completed project when new
concrete needs to be poured. The disadvantage to this approach is color durability. Over time the color in this approach washes away. We
have developed several techniques to restore the old stamped concrete to its original beauty. We can apply either a polymer based color or
acid stain colors. Both approaches give a high quality and durable coloring to the original stamp project.
These applications are the traditional decorative resurfacing designs and textures. Splatter textures are typically applied with a air powered
hopper gun and more are commonly applied to pool decks, driveways, patios, etc. giving the property added beauty, added slip resistance and
added durability. Although stone, slate and tile finishes can be easily installed like thin stamped overlays, the actual texture is slightly less
authentic looking but more textured to provide a non-slip texture.
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Specialists in Decorative Concrete
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